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CAMPO Y TIERRA DEL JERTE, S.A. is a family-based company created in 2005 whose activity is the cultivation, processing and marketing of fruit and other high quality products. Our plantations, located at different altitudes in the valleys and slopes of the Sierra de Gredos, in the north of Extremadura, are irrigated with clean waters of the rivers that are born in the mountains, such as Jerte and Tiétar, which allows us to produce our fruit in fertile and healthy lands in a clean environment. As cherry plantations acquire their optimum production size, it is necessary to have modern facilities for handling, storage, distribution and marketing. Although the company has facilities suitable for carrying out the work, the increase in production and the possibility of commercialization offered by the agri-food value chain, in 2014 it was necessary to propose an expansion of our facilities. The expansion of the facilities was also reinforced with the new lines of business (fruit, vegetables and jams) from a raw material of the highest quality, produced in the fertile lands of Valle del Jerte, La Vera, Tintar and Valle del Ambroz in Cáceres. Not only as a successful company. We also want to contribute to the development of the Jerte Valley Region: Transforming and modernizing the farms dedicated to the production of cherries and other high quality fruits. Improving the surface dedicated to post-harvest treatment with cutting-edge technology in the treatment of Premium fruit and vegetable production. Orienting our production towards third markets

CAMPO Y TIERRA DEL JERTE, S.A. applies the traditional knowledge of Valle del Jerte together with new production techniques and frigo-conservation to the cultivated varieties that are harvested at the optimum point of maturation and in the best conditions in terms of firmness, coloration, brix levels and organoleptic characteristics. With farms located from 250 to 1,300 meters above sea level, more than 100 days of campaign are covered, increasing production every year. We have chosen an exceptional range of varieties with the best flavor qualities and the ability to offer fresh fruits for a longer time.

The plums of Campo and Tierra grow in the most fertile soils of the north of Extremadura, protected by the skirts of the Sierra de Gredos. The microclimate of the area guarantees a firm, healthy and highly flavored fruit
We have an exceptional range of varieties with the best taste qualities that allow us to have a broad production schedule
Our asparagus plantations are located in the most fertile Alagón plains, with lots of silt and organic matter, which allows us to produce the best asparagus in the region.
We bet on this traditional cultivation of the Jerte area, regenerating the chestnut masses on our farms and modernizing the crop with our associated producers
Our magnificent fruit in a traditional, natural style, without preservatives or additives
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