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We are committed to the development of a Sustainable Agri-Food Chain based on innovative solutions that:

Cooperate in the development of the primary sector of our territory
Support the innovation and product development processes of small farmers
They use the most advanced techniques in post harvest for the processing of fresh and processed horticultural products
They elaborate innovative products of quality and adapted to the needs of each market within the fruits and vegetables of premium quality


Our guidelines on Corporate Social Responsibility aim to establish a framework of work, from which we undertake and promote socially responsible behavior. The company pays special attention to its employees, suppliers, distributors, customers and its role in society in general

We are committed to responsible, ethical and sustainable production and marketing in the supply chain. To ensure this, the company works with SEDEX.

All our commitment to quality guarantees the requirements in terms of prevention of occupational risks, the environment, sustainable production and commercial ethics, making our responsible business practices available to our customers in their supply chains.

We have production certified by the Committee of Ecological Agriculture of Extremadura (CAEX) and by the Regulatory Board of the Designation of Origin Cereza del Jerte. In addition, for years we have been collaborating with Bayer for the implementation of the Food Chain Protocol.

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